Let alone CSR (current sensing resister), for any circuit protection related components,
you will be in very good hands with YED (Yokohama Electronic Devices Co., Ltd!

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We are very pleased that many visitors came to our booth at the 16th Automotive World Automotive Technology Expo. We would like to thank all of you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit our booth.

Updated Information and Bulletining

information of "Thermal Offset Attenuator" and "Fixed Attenuator" is added "NEW PRODUCT" page. ≫LINKNEW
SMD type of "Thermal Offset Attenuator" and "Fixed Attenuator" is added "RF/Microwave Component" category. ≫LINKNEW
5mΩ was added to "MBB series".
"BAR series" information is added "NEW PRODUCT" page
As of Sept 10th, the capital increased up to JPY120million.
As of July 21st, the capital amounted to JPY65million

About us; What’s YED?

 Focusing on functions of passive electronic devices, we aim for establishing the higher reliability lasting with customers through providing those functions that the customers require with decent quality and at affordable price in timely requisite manner.
 By our longstanding experience and unparalleled ideas, it would be always our intention to present new products that could be contributed to improve functions of customers’ products.
 In addition to our own design development, excellent products functions that our applied partners possess will be showcased in the same vein. We would, therein, become a genuine valuable presence.

 Perceiving as one of most key factors among inherent performances of the component/device, function has got to be adapted to requirements at the time of design and then suitable components/devices to match the needs to be presented.
 We always work on it prioritizing being fully featured.

 Serving steady and stable quality. Let alone products quality, throughout consistent controls all from order intake down to delivery, aspiring for much better sate of entire service qualities. Be attentive to decent quality for much better that could be allowable to cater for.

 Delivery is also considered as one of essential qualities. In order to reduce lead time, will be continuing to work on such as optimizing DBR and improving control method. Besides, will accommodate to constant awareness kept for rapid TAT.

 Reckoning as one of key essentials for electronic devices in recent years, will offer at reasonable price with avoiding unnecessary features but securing necessary performances worked out at the time of design development.

Conflict Minerals Policy

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